EarthPower’s customers include businesses involved in;

  • food manufacture and processing,
  • food transportation, distribution and storage
  • wholesale and retail food distribution and sales
  • commercial and retail property management
  • commercial kitchens
  • local council
  • waste management services.

Customer Benefits

  • Environmentally Sustainable

    The EarthPower facility has reduced emissions and residual by products to ensure the complete preference for resource recovery. EarthPower is a net producer of electricity
  • Location

    Close proximity to the city and centrally located within the Sydney metro region
  • Versatility

    EarthPower offers significant advantages to our customers through the acceptance of a vast range of putrescible wastes including wet and classified wastes from industry, which have historically presented limited disposal options
  • Tailored Gate Fees

    Provided the customer’s food waste has no more than 5% contamiination by weight. EarthPower offers significantly lower gate fees than most food waste competitors, providing customers with subsequent cost savings
  • Hours

    EarthPower operates Monday – Saturday

Contact Details

Contact an EarthPower representative today for an assessment of your waste needs: phone 61 2 9684 5832 or email