EarthPower Technologies is Australia’s first regional food waste to energy facility located in Sydney’s west.

EarthPower accepts organic waste material from the industrial, commercial and residential sectors and converts it to green energy and nutrient-rich fertilizer.

The key benefits of the EarthPower Facility include

  • EarthPower provides clients with lower gate fees than competitors within the putrescible waste industry, enabling a viable alternative to traditional landfilling and allows for potential savings on other waste disposal costs by improved source segregation and recovery of recyclable organic material
  • EarthPower facilitates the diversion of waste from landfill and subsequent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Production of green electricity relieves pressure from traditional coal fired electricity supply by producing an ongoing source of energy

Watch the following video to learn more about EarthPower.

EarthPower's Owner

Veolia Australia and New Zealand is the region’s only environmental solutions organisation with specific capabilities across water and wastewater treatment, energy management, waste and resource recovery services, and industrial cleaning and facility maintenance services. With over 40 years’ experience, Veolia aims to deliver the operational solutions across water, waste and energy that drive bottom line savings, whilst delivering optimal sustainability performance for our customers.

Veolia has over 4000 staff across Australia and New Zealand, and we are dedicated to the development of new practices and the implementation of Sustainable Environmental solutions. We are further aided by the establishment of several research and development projects which forge new directions and keep our company and our employees ahead of the rest.