Creating Green Energy

EarthPower is Australia's first food waste-to-energy facility. Centrally located in the Sydney suburb of Camellia, the facility processes food wastes to produce green electricity and a nutrient-rich-by-product fertiliser.

Food wastes accepted at the facility include source segregated foods and food based waste streams from domestic, commercial and industrial food preparation, processing and consumer activities. The feed stocks arrive in various forms including raw, cooked or processed meats, fruit and vegetable wastes, dairy products, confectionary, bakery products, cereals and grain derived wastes.

The EarthPower facility uses anaerobic digestion technology to convert solid and liquid food waste, into a combustible gas similar to natural gas. The digester gas is recovered and used to duel cogeneration engines, which produce green electricity. This electricity is sold into the grid for distribution to domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

A by-product of the anaerobic digestion process is a nutrient rich sludge, which is dried and granulated for sale as a fertiliser into the agriculture and horticultural markets. Waste heat from the cogeneration engines is used in the fertiliser drying process and to heat the digesters.

When compared to other food waste disposal processes such as landfill and composting, the EarthPower facility achieves the highest environmental sustainable use of food waste and most favourable environmental outcomes by way of production of green electricity and fertiliser.

At full capacity, EarthPower can produce enough green electricity to power over 3,600 homes.

Creating Green Energy Process

Power suppliers who meet the GreenPower standard are eligible to promote themselves as 'suppliers of GreenPower'. EarthPower is proud to say we meet the objectives and are an accredited GreenPower generator.

Creating Green Energy Creating Green Energy