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About EarthPower Technologies Sydney

EarthPower Technologies is Australia's first regional food waste to energy facility located in Sydney's west. EarthPower accepts organic waste material from the industrial, commercial and residential sectors and converts it to green energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser.

The key benefits of the EarthPower Facility include;

In 2007, Veolia and Cleanaway acquired EarthPower Technologies in a joint venture.

If you would like to learn more about EarthPower, watch our latest video here.

About Veolia

Veolia has been implementing innovative, effective and sustainable solutions for almost 40 years within Australia.

Across Australia, Veolia has become the industry leader in all facets of resource recovery and waste management, as well as Industrial services such as industrial cleaning and facilities management.

Veolia provides more than waste collection services. Veolia's strength is in harnessing our capabilities to provide innovative and sustainable environmental management solutions. Specialising in every area of solid and liquid waste management and Industrial Services, the continued growth that Veolia has experienced over the past three decades has helped Veolia forge a reputation for reliability and environmental responsibility whilst also satisfying the community's daily needs.

Veolia has over 3400 staff across Australia and New Zealand and our people all possess superior knowledge and expertise. Our staff operate within quality systems which enable Veolia employees to diversify their roles to become more than waste managers, but rather evolve into Environmental Managers. Our staff is dedicated to the development of new practices and the implementation of Sustainable Environmental solutions, aided by the establishment of several research and development projects which forge new directions and keep our company and our employees ahead of the rest.


About Cleanaway

Cleanaway Pty Ltd (Cleanaway) is a public company (ASX : CWY) that provides integrated industrial cleaning and total waste management to customers across Australia, with particular focus on the liquid, solid and hazardous waste management markets.
The companies wide network of operations includes collection operations, transfer stations, waste-to-energy sites, composting facilities, and recycling plants. These assets enable Cleanaway to offer a full range of environmental services to industrial, municipal, and commercial customers.
Cleanaway has the ability to tailor its services to meet the needs of each customer group and provides a wide range of services aligned to the requirements of integrated total waste management and facility management services. Cleanaway is strongly committed to the safe and responsible management of waste, regulatory compliance, and the protection and enhancement of the environment.


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